Your own choice of toasts

chauffe d'une barrique

Working with the elements to obtain a personali zed profile.

Tonnellerie Marchive ‘s master coopers have created specific toasts especially for you.

logo chauffe ambre

Specially created for our Esprit Club™ barrel, the controlled use of vapor during the bousinage phase means that this toast brings very characteristic aromatic notes and tannic structure, which very often results in an intensification of caramel and chocolate notes with syrupy oak tannins.

logo chauffe respect

This slow, long toast, combined with a controlled temperature and regular precise watering, was developed to preserve the expression of the fruit and the terroir, whilst revealing a round, integrated tannic structure.

We can also offer you a panel of classic toasts :

  • LT: Light toast
  • MT: Medium toast
  • MT+: Medium toast +
  • HT: Heavy toast