Cuvier de foudres Fruhinsholz

Generations of vat builders have passed down their know-how, a unique experience in the manufacture of casks and vats since the 19th century… The Marchive – Fruhinsholz™ story is above all that of the association of two cooperages with a glorious past and the confidence of a priceless know-how.

Worldwide specialist in manufacturing large capacity containers, the brand proposes :


A tailor-made development

A tailor-made development for each project. No standard product is available, no stock.


An exceptional raw material

An exceptional raw material, meticulously cared for, for slow aging in a dedicated yard.


A traditional process

A traditional process, giving priority to manual work and the transmission of an exceptional skill.


A gentle, slow and deep toast

A gentle, slow and deep toast, based on the combination of wood, fire and water.


Perfect finish

Precise and meticulous gestures for a perfect finish.


A wide choice of accessories, often tailor-made.