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The development of a renowned expertise for the satisfaction of everyone concerned.

It is because of their attachment to their craft and their association with the greatest wines worldwide that Tonnellerie Marchive offers its customers solutions to their cooperage needs.

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The « tierçon » style, part of the Cognac region’s history, has been transposed to the world of wine and is an indispensable part of your cellars. French oak, selected tight grain, natural drying in the open air, 225 liters, 22mm, associated toast: « Ambre » toast.

The Nuance barrel, a discerning selection of oak from the Center of France, medium tight to medium grain, ideally suited to wines needing a short aging period.

The Saint-Louis barrel represents the perfect alliance between the aromatic freshness of American oak and the finesse and roundness of French oak, giving the wine an aromatic complexity and an ideal structural balance across all the senses, making the aging in barrels accessible to wine making programs for which costs are a key consideration.

Also available : American oak (100%), Bordeaux 27mm.

Bordeaux Export
22 mm and 27 mm,
Bordeaux Château Tradition
22 mm,
Bordeaux Château Ferré
22 mm

Burgundy Export and Burgundy Tradition

Barrels of 300 liters and over
300 liters, 350 liters,
400 liters, 500 liters,
600 liters and Demi Muid