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outils du merrandier

Innovative solutions marked by history.

« Learn from the past to create the future ». It is in this expression that lies the heart of Tonnellerie Marchive. Deeply rooted in the heart of the Cognac vineyard since 1949, Tonnellerie Marchive relies on a strong legacy and on decades of association with the world’s greatest wines, constantly evolving, thanks particularly to a full range of wine making products: by-products, barrels and large capacity containers. Faithful to its values handed down through the history of the brand, Tonnellerie Marchive pays careful attention to your requests and offers solutions for the objectives you are seeking for your wines: patience in aging the raw material, respecting your specific wishes and requirements for winemaking products, consistent quality expertise and passion.

Thus, thanks to this heritage passed down to our barrel makers, we enjoy worldwide recognition as specialists in our field by those we have accompanied over several generations.